The Inspirational Scholar Symposium

The Inspirational Scholar Symposium is an annual event that gathers scholars amongst the academe to share their evidence based research and best practices on improving learning and teaching in various contexts.  This year, the University Teaching and Learning Centre of Universiti Utara Malaysia, which is situated in the northern state of Kedah in Malaysia hosts this symposium for the third time between 8th - 10th October 2018 at the EDC Hotels & Resorts, Sintok, Kedah.

This second symposium’s theme is Accelerating Potential, Shaping the Future, which highlights the importance of ensuring that academics as educators become aware of how important it is to cater and engage diverse learners whilst ensuring that learning takes place.  This year this symposium will cover six main tracks encompasses learner, learning, modes of learning, learning technology, assessment as well as research practice for innovation in learning and teaching. It is hoped that this symposium will bring together various stakeholders consisting of policy makers, experts and professionals, practitioners as well as members of the community at large to congregate and share their input in an intellectual arena, revisit the influences of their practices in impacting and advancing learning for diverse learners in line with the aim of developing contributing global citizens.

Thus, the 3rd ISS 2018 welcomes any innovative ideas and research through the participation of people from the schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, industries, private and public organizations as well as professional bodies from various parts of the world. 


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